About Us


Dr. Fatemah Mohd K is the founder and director of Diwan for Leadership Research and Consultancy.

Fatemah has established a strong educational background by studying in highly reputed universities: PhD in Leadership Studies (Exeter university, UK), MA in Translation and Interpreting English / Arabic (American university of Sharjah, UAE), PgDip in Islamic jurisprudence and its origins (AL Imam University, KSA), BSc in Sharia Law (AL Imam University, KSA),  and high Diploma in Nursing (Abu Dhabi Schools of Nursing: the program was a joint project between American University of Beirut and UAE Ministry of Health, Abu Dhabi: UAE).

Her education is well complemented with work experiences in professions that require commitment and strong sense of purpose: teaching, coaching, research, translation, and nursing. These diverse experiences enhanced Fatemeh’s ability to understand and compare – as an insider – the interactions, work traditions and mindsets in different work environments. Hence is her current work aspiration to develop projects that tie established academic research on Leadership dynamics to the realities of complex social communities and organisations in the region. Her aim is to contribute to knowledge through meaningful research that enhances Social Prosperity and Human Wellbeing in GCC region.


Our vision is to create an innovative mindset of understanding and practising leadership in order to compete with the challenges and opportunities in modern work environments.



We intend to be the leaders in our field and no real leadership is obtained without a clear code of ethics. We set integrity, accountability and respect in the heart of our code of business ethics.


Many service providers operate as if they are frozen in time. We dare to be different by constantly foreseeing the future and driving positive change and growth. 

Happiness and adaptability

We believe that happiness is a trait that must be maintained personally and professionally. Adaptability to us is a central element that empowers any individual, team or organisation to face work challenges without compromising their wellbeing.