Our extensive educational and professional expertise qualify us to offer consultancy services to different types of organisations and in diverse fields. Our core expertise are Leadership Development, Leader-Follower relations and team dynamics. An example of one of our latest services is integrating Leadership Development with Corporate Social initiatives. We also go beyond the common consultancy services that  limit Leadership to management. Hence one of our on-going projects is exploring the impact of leadership in translating Arab poems across cultures.


We are proud of the high success rate of our speeches on leadership, enlightening audience about leadership in terms of theory and practice is one of our strengths. We find this aspect of our services very rewarding because it is established on creating meaningful ties between the theories and practices of Leadership. The right inspiration could lead individuals and teams to creativity and higher levels of cooperation and performance. We deliver our speeches in both English and Arabic and develop them to address different age and professional levels.


We strongly believe that practice without theory is a blind practice, therefore research is in the core of our services. Many of the challenges in the modern work environments are in fact opportunities for remarkable success. We help our clients to seize these opportunities on the basis of sound scholarly work and we are also keen to publish and translate our research into Arabic in order to make it available for the Arab audience.