Our name “Diwan” is derived from a scholarly attempt – made by professor David Weir (2008) – to broaden the understanding of the traditional Arab decision-making mechanism. Professor Weir defines “Diwan” as ‘the structure of a system of administration’ that is rooted in Arab history. He further describes it as ‘a dynamic listening machine’ that is equally opened to different groups of individuals by a hierarchical authority. The authority could be fathers, presidents, kings or CEOs who make decisions and judgements in the Arab culture (Weir, 2008:263).

This conceptualisation of “Diwan” would lead to many arguments and interpretations. However, we mostly regard it as an opportunity to further understand the traditional managerial and leadership dynamics in the Arab culture from contemporary views. This would ideally fit with one of our primary objectives that is to build a bridge between the Arab and non-Arab notions of Leadership and management in order to enhance the field with broader perspectives and deeper insights.

  • Weir, D. (2008). Cultural theory and the Diwan. Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research, 21(3), 253-265.